6 Cool Xiaomi Gadgets that you’ve Never Seen Before.

As we know the Chinese tech giant Xiaomi never fails to give us the best gadgets. So in this article, I am gonna tell you 6 Cool Xiaomi Gadgets that you’ve never seen before.
So let’s get started

1. Xiaomi TDS Pen

Xiaomi TDS Pen

This pen is used to measure the quality of water. It is very easy to use power on the device, remove the cap from the device & put it into the water. The device will provide you a number indicating the TDS in parts-per-million in the water. This water testing pen is very useful when you go camping, hiking or explore an unknown area or when you live in a contaminated area, where unfortunately many of us still live.

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2.  Xiaomi Home iHealth Thermometer

Xiaomi iHealth Thermometer

This xiaomi gadget is a non-contact forehead infrared thermometer loaded with an advanced German Heimann sensor for accurate detection. The device is pretty straight forward. Over in one second the sensor and the laser measures 100 times the temperature and provide you with the correct temperature up to one decibel. The temperature is displayed on a bright LED display to use it at night and the device doesn’t make any sound or vibration noises when measuring. In order to charge this thermometer you have to get yourself 2 triple-a batteries.’

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3. Xiaomi Yeelight Wireless Charger

Xiaomi Yeelight Wireless Charger

It comes with sleek and minimal design but it has really cool features that make it even better, first of all, is this night light which makes it perfect for your bedside table. The light offers two color tones, One is the regular white light and second is the vomer light. Secondly, this is a wireless charger and it’s a fast wireless charger it supports 18 watts wireless charging. It works on all the devices which support wireless charging. Ya, it’s great and for $25 it’s an amazing device to have.

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4. Xiaomi Portable Juice Mixer
Xiaomi Portable Juicer Mixer

This is the third gadget on our list. It’s Xiaomi 17 pins Portable Fruit Juice Mixer. It’s basically a blender in the size of glass and this comes in useful for outdoor situations where you cannot carry your regular full-size blender. It comes with a proprietary charger that attaches like this and on a single charge it can make up to four-five shakes which are good enough.

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5. Xiaomi ZMI APB01 Charger
Xiaomi ZMI Charger

This is the well thought Xiaomi Gadget, the ZMI APB01 Charger. This is a super handy gadget so this a charging brick from Xiaomi but it’s not your regular charger, this one is in fact very cool, first up this charger supports quick charge 3.0 which is amazing and I like the fact there are two USB ports so you can charge two devices at a time but what makes this charger truly special is the fact it is also a 6500 mah power bank yes that’s right so basically you can use it as a wide wall charger or a portable charger when you are on the go it’s amazing apart from that it has flip out pins to plug it into the wall and there is a button on the top that shows that battery on LED. For $25 you can’t really go wrong with it.

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6. Xiaomi Cactus
Xiaomi Cactus

Many of us like summers but we all don’t like mosquitoes, so the best way to deal with them to use a special electric device. Xiaomi released a very portable mosquitoes killer called Cactus. It uses 368-nanometer ultraviolet lamp to kill mosquitos then the noise level is to the 35 decibels well the fan speed is 2300 RPM. The gadget is powered by micro-USB cable so you don’t need to change its battery. If you are not at home you can use a power bank to power Xiaomi Cactus mosquito killer.

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